Barn in Speedwell, TN
Speedwell, Tennessee.  Population 4,553.

Before relocating to Speedwell, living in the suburbs was as rural as it got.  Since our move here two years ago, life has become much simpler.  No more traffic jams (I’m choosing to leave out the herd of sheep in the middle of the highway that welcomed my parents to our new home), loud noises (okay, so maybe the occasional rooster call); everything moves at a slower pace.

My name is Jessica and I’ve been a Southern girl since birth, but I’ve really grown to appreciate farmhouse decor.  I LOVE barnwood, mason jars, burlap…  My eyes light up to see a local yard sale or an antiques shop because who knows what treasures I may find!

Opening my shop has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I’ve been welcomed into a community of fellow artisans, allowed my creativity to thrive, and developed a greater appreciation for all that is handmade.

My shop, The Wrenn’s Nest, is where my love for rustic meets whimsical design.  I hope you love my pieces and come back to visit again soon!


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